MICHIGAN STATE COUNCIL (organized July 1970)
Diocesan Bishop Marvin D. Mitchell

New Liberty Apostolic Faith Church of the Apostolic Assemblies of Christ,  Inc.
Detroit, Michigan ~ Presiding Bishop G.M. Boone, D.D. ~ Pastor

Bethlehem Temple Church
Port Huron, Michigan ~ Bishop Marvin D. Mitchell ~ Pastor

Bethlehem Temple of Milan
Milan, Michigan ~ District Elder Lester Whaley ~ Pastor

Zion Tabernacle Apostolic Faith Church
Pontiac, Michigan ~ Bishop Paul O. Jones, D.D. ~ Pastor

Revival Miracle Temple of the Apostolic Faith
Muskegon, Michigan ~ Suffragan Bishop James R. Duncan, Jr. ~ Pastor
Greater Works Temple of the Apostolic Faith
Detroit, Michigan ~ District Elder Gregory L. Reynolds, D.D. ~ Pastor

Grace Apostolic Faith Church
Pontiac, Michigan ~ Pastor Adrienne Adams ~ Pastor

One Way Apostolic Faith Church
Muskegon, Michigan ~ Elder James Rogers ~ Pastor

Clear Way Apostolic Church
Grand Rapids, Michigan ~ Elder Kennedy Akins, Jr. ~ Pastor

Diocesan Bishop Nathaniel D. Jordan, D.D.

Christ Temple Apostolic Faith Church
Lockland, Ohio ~ Presiding Bishop Elect Donald Sorrells, D.D. ~ Pastor

Lighthouse Christian Fellowship Apostolic Church
Hamilton, Ohio ~ Pastor Christine Grant, D.D. ~ Pastor

Apostolic Faith Temple, Inc.
Columbus, Ohio ~ Bishop Nathaniel D. Jordan, D.D. ~ Pastor

Greater Soul Deliverance Tabernacle
Lexington, Kentucky ~ District Elder Lucian Dell Booker, Jr. ~ Pastor


Bethlehem Church, Inc.
Fairfield, Ohio ~ Suffragan Bishop Feotis Gilbert ~ Pastor

A Way Apostolic Faith Church
Dayton, Ohio ~ Pastor Renee Sheppard ~ Pastor

Greater New Hope Community Church
Louisville, Kentucky ~ Bishop Jonathan N. Mullins, Sr., D.D. ~ Pastor

Lighthouse Apostolic Church
Miamisburg, Ohio ~ Elder Van Parker, Th. D. ~ Pastor

Universal Church of God
Cincinnati, Ohio ~ Elder Bryan Allen ~ Pastor

Faith Temple  Pentecostal Church of God, Inc.
Dayton, Ohio ~ Bishop Eugene Ringer ~ Pastor
SOUTHERN DISTRICT COUNCIL (organized November 1980)
Diocesan Bishop Jerry Morton, B. Th

Greater New Life Apostolic Faith Church
Hattiesburg, Mississippi ~ Bishop Arthur Cohens ~ Pastor

 Abundant Life Apostolic Church
Carthage, Mississippi ~ Bishop W.T. Walton, Jr. ~ Pastor

Greater Joy Temple Apostolic Assembly
Greenwood, Mississippi ~ Bishop Roger B.  Jenkins, III ~ Pastor

Joint Heirs with Christ
Abbeville, Mississippi ~ Evangelist Josie Carothers ~ Pastor

 Pentecostal True Holiness
Mt. Olive, Mississippi ~ Elder Willie Logan ~ Pastor

New Beginning Apostolic Faith Church
Memphis, Tennessee ~ Bishop Bramlett Cooper ~ Pastor

 Kingdom Principal Ministries
Jackson, Mississippi ~ Elder Charles James ~ Pastor

The Way of the Cross Apostolic Church
Hattiesburg, Mississippi ~ Elder Karl Bradford ~ Pastor


True Light Apostolic Faith Church
Collins, Mississippi ~ Minister Phillip R. Henry ~ Pastor

 New Genesis Apostolic Church
Brinkley, Arkansas ~ District Elder Jerry C. Cobbs ~ Pastor

Victory Tabernacle Apostolic Faith Church
Keithville, Louisiana ~ Pastor Joan George ~ Pastor

King’s House Ministries
Jackson, Mississippi – Elder Frankie L. Spann ~ Pastor

Diocesan Bishop William L. Harris, Sr., D.D.

This Rock Apostolic Church
Indianapolis, Indiana ~ Bishop Arthur Earl Newman, B. Th. ~ Pastor

Greater Apostolic Church of Christ
Springfield, Illinois ~ Asst. Presiding Bishop Elect Samuel J. Carter, D.D. ~ Pastor

Evangelism Outreach Ministries Full Gospel Pentecostal Church
Chicago, Illinois ~ Bishop Donald LaBranche ~ Pastor

Apostolic Faith Church
Champaign, Illinois ~ District Elder Michael L. Giboney, Sr. ~ Pastor

Praise Covenant Church, Inc.
Louisville, Kentucky ~ Bishop Dr. William L. Harris, IV ~ Pastor

Christ Church Apostolic
Belleville, Illinois ~ District Elder Roddrick C. Anglin, Sr. ~ Pastor

Greater Christ Apostolic Church
Danville, Illinois ~ District Elder Stephen W. Turner, Th. D. ~ Pastor

 Victory Tabernacle Apostolic Faith Church
Indianapolis, Indiana ~ Bishop William L. Harris, Sr., D.D. ~ Pastor

Faith Tabernacle Apostolic Church
Indianapolis, Indiana ~ Pastor Dorothy McGordon ~ Pastor


Christian Tabernacle Healing and Deliverance Center
Evansville, Indiana ~ Elder Wayne M. Harris, Sr. ~ Pastor

EASTERN DISTRICT COUNCIL (organized November 1990)
Diocesan Bishop Ernest Clay

The Living Way Apostolic Faith Church
Town Creek, Alabama ~ Bishop Ernest Clay ~ Pastor

The Holiness Church of Jesus
Lakeland, Florida ~ Pastor Shirley DuBoise ~ Pastor

Emmanuel Apostolic Church of the Apostolic Assemblies of Christ,  Inc.
Greenville, South Carolina ~ Bishop Casper Cohens, Sr. ~ Pastor
God’s Apostolic Church
Centerville, Georgia ~ District Elder Manuel L. Smith ~ Pastor

GULF STATE COUNCIL (organized October 2000)
Diocesan Bishop Richard L. Brown

Free Will Apostolic Outreach Ministries
Monroe, Louisiana ~ Bishop Richard L. Brown ~ Pastor

Jesus Restoration Worship Center
West Monroe, Louisiana ~ Suffragan Bishop Samuel Hollis ~ Pastor

Apostolic House of Refuge
Leesville, Louisiana ~ Suffragan Bishop Paul Bell ~ Pastor

Apostolic Outreach Ministry
Winnfield, Louisiana ~ District Elder Jerry L. Shepherd ~ Pastor

In Jesus Name Refuge Ministries
Baton Rouge, Louisiana ~ Pastor Johnnie Mae London ~ Pastor

 CALIFORNIA STATE COUNCIL (organized August 2006)
Diocesan Bishop Dr. William L. Harris, IV

Greater Love Apostolic Temple
Stockton, California ~ Elder Ernest Thompson ~ Pastor

First Christian Apostolic Church
Spring Valley, California ~ Elder Paul Reeder ~ Pastor

The Kingdom Center
Fairfield,, California ~ Elder Samuel Boyd ~ Pastor

Apostolic Temple of Praise, Inc.
Vallejo, California ~ Elder Jessie Tate ~ Pastor

TENNESSEE CAROLINA COUNCIL (organized October 2008)
Diocesan Bishop Isaac Williams, Jr.

 Zion Upper Room Apostolic Faith Church
Gallatin, Tennessee ~ Bishop Isaac Williams, Jr. ~ Pastor

Greater Bethel Apostolic Faith Church
Lebanon, Tennessee ~ Bishop Jerry Morton, B.Th. ~ Pastor

New Life Deliverance Tabernacle
Nashville, Tennessee ~ District Elder Joseph Morton - Pastor

Faith Temple Church
Glen Alpine, North Carolina ~ Suffragan Bishop James W. McCorkle ~ Pastor

Faith Restoration Family Worship Center
Gastonia, North Carolina ~ Pastor Patricia Gregory, B. Th. ~ Pastor


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